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  • Deadline for Proposal Submission online:  January 15, 2020.
  • Online application will not be available after the deadline.
  • Keep all information ready
  • Convert Budget format into pdf for upload
  • Consolidate all CVs into one pdf for upload
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  • The sample output pdf will indicate the fields to be filled online
  • File Naming Protocol for all upload files:  Name of the PI_ID_DD/MM (D=Date, M=Month)
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Under the IoE vision, UoH proposes to promote focused projects with regular dialogues between scientists, social scientists, humanists, economists and policy makers. The emphasis of the IoE application, which was finally approved by the government, is on innovative, interdisciplinary research, with clear socially relevant and useful outcomes.

We now call for high quality proposals. We welcome interdisciplinary proposals with innovative, out-of-the-box ideas on basic and applied areas, with national or international collaborations.

Please go through this and other documents carefully. Following points are detailed below:

  • Format of the project proposal to be submitted under the scheme
  • Selection process
  • Selection criteria
  • Funding
  • Post-funding review process

You can submit proposals online. 


This sample output pdf file will provide an idea of the fields to fill in.
You will need to upload:
a) The duly filled in and signed Budget Format along with justification, in PDF
b) 2-Page CVs, as per format of the personnel included in the proposal. Please consolidate all CVs into one PDF file for upload
c) Please name your files as: Name of the PI_UNIV ID_DD/MM (D=Date, M=Month)

The online application will have the following components: 

  • Introduction to the proposal with defined rationale
  • The objectives of the proposal
  • Work plan: Both Schematic and in detail. Alternative plans to be defined where necessary.
  • Collaboration: Define the role of each partner in a cluster with defined objectives for each partner in a table format. It is important to define how the proposal gains by a collaborative effort
  • Timeline and deliverables
  • Budget: Quantum of funding may be justified as per objectives
  • Each PI can submit up to two project proposals

Short-term and long-term outcomes
Outreach component/Social relevance/Policy Significance

Shortlisted proposals will be sent for evaluations to experts across India and/or abroad. The selection will be on the basis of scoring by reviewers, followed by presentation before a selection committee before the final selection.


The team/PI:

  •  Track record of PI(s): a strong track record relative to your career stage and related to the proposal, including grants generated, publications, patents, citations etc. The PI should have work published in journals indexed in globally accepted indexes and databases, or books/book chapters from reputed publishers with established peer-review process, or performance/productions/installations/art-work in venues/portfolios/collections of repute, or policy papers.
  • Experience and Deliverability of PI(s): CV must demonstrate relevant experience in the proposed area and a good track record of delivering on previous funding. Breadth and depth of knowledge in the respective areas should reflect clearly through literature review in the proposal.
  • Defined cluster: Interdisciplinary clusters are preferred, with well-defined roles of all PIs. Individual and team-projects that are innovative within the PI’s fields of expertise (proven through their track-record) are also welcome.

 The proposal:

  • Quality and importance of the research question(s): The project / question likely to make a significant impact in your research field or have immediate/gradual societal impact. 
  • Feasibility: Defined rationale and evidence to support your approach (preliminary data supporting the proposed hypothesis). Clarity on potential pitfalls and contingency plans with realistic timescale.  
  • Innovation component of the proposal: The proposals will be evaluated for innovation, such as, if the proposed components are just a direct continuation of existing work of PI(s) or new dimensions have been added with advance techniques and research methodologies. 
  • Collaborators: Justify availability of appropriate facilities and collaborations/expertise consultation that would be required to achieve the objectives.
  • Clarity and Deliverables: The proposals should be well-written, with sufficient details, clearly defining and detailing all the components, with clear deliverables with respect to a defined timeline. Poorly written proposals will be rejected at the first round of scrutiny.

The number of projects that will be funded may be about 5-6 projects with out-of-the-box ideas (the numbers may vary depending on funds made available).

Mechanisms are being formulated to reduce paperwork and permit flexible utilization of funds across subheads for IoE funded projects. The same will be communicated to PIs later.

The funded projects will have to provide bi-yearly progress reports with a yearly review with an external expert committee. The project can be terminated if sufficient progress is not achieved in two years, which will be evaluated in the 2nd year review.

1 year + 1 year merit based extensions might be provided with funding after 3rd and 4th review.



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