Wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2020!

Faculty members are already aware that the deadline for submission of IoE proposals has been extended to January 15, 2020.
The Directorate has set up an online portal for IoE.
Click here to access the IoE portal.
Click here to access the Online Submission Form.
The IoE Directorate has already received some proposals through email.  All those who have submitted their proposals do not have to submit it online again.

Features of the online Submission Form:

  • Four part form, easy to fill up.
  • The application will auto-save every ten seconds. Applicants can return to the form any time and continue with the submission.
  • Additional upload fields and an additional text input field for any additional information.
  • The application will proceed to the next step only if all the fields are filled in/ validated.
  • Applicants will be able to sign the application online.
  • Email confirmation on successful submission.
  • Provision to download one’s application in pdf format (as in the attachment)