The Institution of Eminence (IoE) status, accorded to the University of Hyderabad (UoH) in September 2019, is a recognition of UoH’s standing, ability and potential to move into the league of the world’s best institutions. The university views IoE as a good opportunity in its history to leverage its existing reputation, practices and services to catapult itself into the best and highest leagues globally.


    • The IoE tagline ‘national needs, global standards’ is to be geared towards academic, financial and administrative support for all its stakeholders, faculty, students and non-teaching staff.

    • The University, through IoE, seeks to enable and facilitate improved services, facilities, quality of research opportunities, visibility, collaborations, innovative programmes and courses, nationally and internationally.

    • Enable capacity-building in the marginalized sections of the society by offering skill development, academic and research programmes aimed at social equity and justice.

    • To use the IoE status as a vehicle to enhance international visibility by offering opportunities to students, academics and researchers across the globe to become a part of the University fraternity and encourage collaborative participation in the academic and research activities of the University.

    • Create an ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and translational research among the students and faculty members through start-ups and public-private partnerships

    • To fund research projects, outreach activities, capacity-building measures in order to emerge as a truly world-class multi-disciplinary University that figures in the World’s 500 Best Universities in the next few years.